Reality Bites

It’s the last day of February and its pancake day…not that I’m partaking. I eat pancakes at least once a week anyway so it’s not really a treat for me and on the back of a week of being ill I really don’t have the appetite for them. 

I’m now on day 7 of no gym. My last workout was an upper body session last Tuesday. I felt a cold coming on Wednesday and decided to give myself a couple of days to recover but by the weekend I really was falling apart and had to take a step back away from training. What hasn’t helped is a complete loss of appetite over the weekend and almost having to force feed myself. 

I’m still not back to normal yet either with my nutrition or how I’m feeling so I’ve planned to give myself one more day to refuel and rehydrate and I’m booked into spin class on Thursday morning as my first session back. I’ve been struggling massively with anxiety and feeling low this week and I know it’s due to a lack of endorphins. 

Regular readers will know that I set myself a small goal to hit sub 200lbs by today. I failed. I weight 202.2lbs. A number I hit on Saturday before I stopped eating properly, so trust me, eating less than 1000 calories a day isn’t a recipe for weight loss (well not for me). 

This does mean that since I started tracking on 29th January I’ve lost a total of 13.6lbs which is actually pretty damn good considering. It’s almost a stone in a month which I think anyone would be happy with. I’ve got 31 days to hit my next goal and 7.2lbs to lose…lets go!


Fail Whale


I’m poorly. Woke up with a headache this morning and one of those intermittent coughs that feels like you’ve swallowed a bag of nails. I’ve had a bad back all day, and have just generally felt like total arse. 

I had a gym session planned tonight. Legs. I decided around 4pm there was no chance I was fit to go. That in itself is progress for me. Ordinarily I would have forced myself to go and just tried to push through it. 

I’ve been to Boots and stocked up on drugs. These things have got me over a cold in a couple of days so I’m praying for a miracle!

I do feel like a failure though. A big fat failure. I knew I would. I’m currently on the sofa, contemplating going to bed and getting up at 5.45am tomorrow to go to my usual Thursday morning spin class. I am a knob. 
I rant and procrastinate and argue with myself daily about going to the gym but when I can’t go it feels fucking horrible. I hate being ill and I hate it when the decision to train is taken out of my hands. 

Whether I make it to spin tomorrow remains to be seen…



I was asked how I motivate myself to go to the gym everyday yesterday. It’s not the first time I’ve been asked but it always  leaves me in a position where I’m not sure how to reply.

My stock answer is discipline. To illustrate, here are some motivational image quotes:

I’m not sure it’s strictly true. 

I have an argument with myself before pretty much every evening gym session. Mornings aren’t so bad as it’s routine that gets this lazy lump out of bed and into workout gear and onto a spin bike. I don’t even think I properly wake up until I’m twenty minutes in. I have this moment at around 7.05am where I look at the clock and my brain shouts “what fuckery is this?”.

Evenings are different though. I can usually come up with a myriad of excuses why I shouldn’t go. I’ve not fuelled properly, I’m tired, I’ve had a long day at work, I’m still aching from yesterday’s session, it will be too busy, it’s too dark, too cold, too late…we can all find those excuses. For the last three weeks I’ve been stronger than all of them. The only things that would have kept me from training would have been an injury or if I had somewhere else to be…

That doesn’t mean I’ve found it easy. I checked in to the gym on Facebook tonight with “Caution: Lifting Bitch Face” as the caption. I did not want to go. I got angry with myself but I know the disappointment I’d feel from not going would be even harder to live with. 

It wasn’t fun and I didn’t get a huge post workout endorphin glow but I got it done. I’ll have exactly the same argument with myself tomorrow night and I’ll still go because that’s what I do. Committing to something and staying motivated and disciplined is hard, but so is being overweight and not feeling good enough. 

You just have to choose your hard. 


Destination Unknown

If you were to ask me what my number one tip is when it comes to losing weight and adopting a healthier lifestyle I would say consistency and accountability. That’s not to say you have to do the same things all the time but focusing on what you want to achieve and continuing to work towards it every day are key. 

The last year has had its ups and downs for me but two things have stayed fairly consistent; seeing my trainer (#TeamPovey) and logging my food on MyFitnessPal. Today I hit a MyFitnessPal milestone: 

I’ve actually been using it for years with my first log in being 10th August 2013. But the 365 days represents a consistent year of tracking. My weight has been up and down and up (and finally back down) since I started: 

At my heaviest on there I weighed 260.8lbs (118kg or 18st 6lbs). I actually think I was heavier than that at some point but was too ashamed to log it. 

That leads me to accountability. Like consistency you need to stay accountable. If you decide to track your food and you wildly underestimate the amount you’re eating, whether you track macros, or calories, or smart points or syns, the only person you’re cheating is you. Ultimately no one but you really gives a shit what you’re putting in your mouth (steady!). 

Staying consistent and being accountable, to myself (and my app) are what keep me focused. I may have taken the scenic route over the last few months, but ultimately the destination remains the same and I’ve always been going in the right direction – even if I’m not sure where I’m going to end up! 

Now, let’s get back on the road shall we? 


The Adjustment Plateau

Weighed in today, and I’ve lost 0.2lbs in the last week. Fucking wow. 

Am I going to go into a huge fucking epic meltdown? Am I bollocks. Am I happy with that? Put simply, no. I lost 11lbs in two weeks so for this week to be, quite frankly less than a decent poo, is a little disappointing. I don’t think it’s a plateau though, I think my body is just adjusting to losing a big number quite quickly. 

I’ve trained 7 times this week. Four spin classes, an upper body strength circuit, a heavy legs day and a personal training strength and cardio session. My nutrition and macros have been good (one pukka pie at football included) although looking back my daily calorie average is 1625 with three days being below 1500 so perhaps I’ve not eaten enough? It’s hard to get my head around that. 

That number might not have changed but I feel and look leaner. It’s been commented on at work, at football and in the gym so it’s not just in my head, I am making progress. Making good choices is easier when you know that it’s working. 

My plan for the week ahead is to train hard, work on hitting my macro goals and get plenty of water and more sleep. There’s an outing for the #AwayDayPieGirl on Saturday at Salford City FC, and it’s also my rest day so I’m going to work hard so I know both are definitely deserved. 

FGK ❤️


Well, well, well…

Who knew that a little innocuous #AwayDayPieGirl hashtag and my fortnightly cheat meal would lead to me being accepted as a judge for the 2017 British Pie Awards on 8th March in Melton Mowbray. 

Yes, me!

I’m beyond thrilled. It has lead me to the conclusion that while this started as my Fitness Blog, it’s inevitable that it would eventually evolve into something else. The #FitgirlKates tag is what I most identify with with its not only what I’m about. Yes my passion for working out and eating right makes me feel good. It’s the endorphins, the progress, the feeling I get when someone else notices the effort I’m putting in. Without a doubt my mental health is greatly improved when FGK is in residence. It’s not the only version of Kates that exists though.

So what else can you, dear reader, expect? Well there’s going to be some posts about pie, obviously! I’ll probably also talk about football, volunteering, my charity challenges, maybe a little about my mental health, things I love, things I don’t love, things that make me happy and a fair bit of the usual FGK sweariness and profanity. 

Sound ok? 

FGK ❤️

Walking Bucks and Happiness

If you know me, or if you follow me on social media, you’ll know that I do love a challenge. I’ve been taking on various things for years, although it stated with a ten mile midnight walk for Severn Hospice maybe 10 years or so ago? 

Now I was a big girl back then. I suppose I’ve always been a big girl really, never having dropped below a size 16 or 195lbs in my adult life. It’s never held me back though, I’ve never seen my size as something to stop me. 

I’ve completed the 22 mile Bridgnorth Walk three times, walked on fire and abseiled as well as taken part in countless 5 and 10k runs and walks. 

On 26th April 2014, I took part in the Severn Stride. This was a 19 miles (actually over 20 in the end) walk from the Severn Hospice at Apley to the Severn Hospice at Bicton Heath. Those of you with a good memory will know that date for other reasons. I won’t lie, that last 5 miles or so I was almost running because I had a date with 11 men at 3pm. This girl made the game with seconds to spare and spent a happy few hours on her feet both cheering the victory and promotion and celebrating with a cheeky cider in the pub! I slept for 16 hours afterwards.

So what am I going on about and why have I shown you some frankly horrific photos? Well I’ve done it again, I’ve signed up to a challenge. 

This one has a footballing link. Not only does the walk on 5th June span the 26 miles between Kidderminster Harriers football club to Shrewsbury Town football club, it’s also with (unbelievable) Jeff Stelling and I’m doing it with some of my fellow Bucks. This time the charity is Prostate Cancer UK and the details are here if you’re interested:

I’ll be training hard for it and I hope losing a bit of this excess weight will make it slightly easier than last years endeavour on the Bridgnorth Walk. Obviously I’ll be posting updates both on here and Twitter but if you’d like to support me and sponsor my efforts by donating to Prostate Cancer UK, my link is here:

You can also text donate by sending FGKP77 £* to 70070.

Wish me luck!